Tuesday, 16 May 2017

This Sunday 21st May, Kings Heath Vegan Market - Full Line Up!

The full line up for the vegan market this Sunday is as follows:

Hot Food:
The Vegan Grindhouse
Mex It Up
Bare Bones Pizza
Michael's Caribbean

Cold Food:
Vork Pie
Rachel's Cake Delights
The May Bakery
Cakes & Ish
Raw Organic Kay

Twisted Barrel Ales
The Happy Gut Hut

Grace's Rest
Birmingham Vegans Facebook Group
Hillfields Animal Sanctuary
Cats Protection
Green Badger Crafts

Wear Your Voice
Emma Eden Vintage Clothing

We will be open from 12-5pm, there will be live music, a bar and an arts market on the day also.

You may have noticed a few non vegan traders on our list - we can assure you they will have a fully vegan menu on the day and we wanted to share our reasons for inviting these traders along to our event.

In the past when we have had non vegan traders at an all vegan/veggie event, they have worked closely with us to develop an all vegan menu, then they have realised that there is a huge demand and market for these menu items and have gone on to add vegan items to their main menus at non vegan events.

We feel this helps the vegan movement in several ways, firstly it provides more vegan options for all of us vegans at non vegan events, secondly it makes non vegan chefs aware of what is required for a vegan dish on their menu so when they are asked in the future, they are knowledgable and able to accommodate these requests, thirdly it helps to 'normalise' veganism by mainstream traders selling vegan options at mainstream events and finally, we know, as street food traders ourselves, that you plan a certain amount of portions to take to each event - in the past these traders may have taken 100 animal based meals to an event, by adding a vegan option to their menu, they may now only take 80 animal based meals and 20 vegan meals to each event. Over the year this adds up to hundreds of animals not being purchased by these traders, less demand from their local butcher etc and does make a difference. We will not succeed in trying to convince these traders to become fully vegan but we can affect the supply and demand and make a difference that way. This is our form of culinary activism at work.

We hope you understand our reasons for this and we hope you will support all of the traders at our event.

The Vegan Grindhouse