Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Those of you who visited us at Brum Yum Yum on Saturday or who follow our social media will have heard that our car finally gave up on us last week and is beyond repair. We hired a van last weekend and traded out of our old gazebo for Brum Yum Yum. 

The good news is we have managed to secure a loan and bought a vehicle yesterday, which is a lot newer than our 12 year old car and will hopefully see us through the next few years with no major problems. The bad news is we cannot get the vehicle ready in time to be able to trade at tomorrow's Victoria Square market in Birmingham, as we need new number plates for our trailer and a tow bar fitted, all of which are happening in the next couple of days.

We will be fully up and running for Saturday's event in Solihull and then business as usual - fingers crossed! 

Thanks for your patience with us over the last few months when our old car has been rather unreliable and we have had to cancel a few events whilst repairs were carried out (seemingly every few weeks) and thanks to those who came out and found us at Brum Yum Yum on Saturday in our gazebo in the freezing cold, you guys are dedicated and we love you!

See you Saturday!