Thursday, 16 October 2014

Big Announcement! TVG new and improved!

So those of you who have been waiting with baited breath for our announcement, here it is!

We have a new member of The Vegan Grindhouse team - Meet Artie! Artie is our super new Street Food Truck and he has lots of hidden gems waiting inside.

As you can see our branding and logo has had an update, as has our menu and food offerings.

We now have a Build Your Own Burger/Hot Dog menu, gluten/soya-free Mac'n'Cheese, Naked Hot Dogs, which are also gluten-free. We have side dishes - BBQ Beans and Grindhouse Slaw, salad on our burgers, gourmet fresh popcorn, homemade vegan ice-cream, a milkshake bar, ice-cream sandwiches, loyalty cards and a new version of the Mega Burger Challenge!

We will be showcasing Artie in all his glory tomorrow at The Square 11:30-2 and at Digbeth Dining Club 5:30-10:30pm. We will also be taking him along to Moseley on Saturday for the Flying Teapot event.

New website and merchandise coming soon, and a new homemade special burger sauce coming next week.

We can't wait for you to meet Artie and all he has to offer!

See you tomorrow,

Lisa, Andy (and Artie)

The Vegan Grindhouse

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